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Participate in Acta Succulenta!

Participate to Acta Succulenta by writing articles for it.

A journal is not a book, it cannot exist without the regular participation of many authors.

Terms of publishing an article

  1. The article must be related dirctly or indirectly with succulents and xerophytic plants or their environments.

  2. The article must be sent to Acta Succulenta as a file, by e-mail or on a CD, under one of the following formats: text (*.txt), reach text (*.rtf), MS-Word document (*.doc, *.docx), OpenOffice or LibreOffice document (*.odt).

  3. The article must be written in one or several of the following languages: Italian, French, English.

  4. The article will be published in these three languages. If the author doesn't provide the missing translations, these will be made by Acta Succulenta under control of the author. Each translation will be reviewed by a native speaker and the result of the reviewing will be sent to the author before publishing.

  5. The article must include, if possible, some photographs or illustrations. These will be preferably associated with a caption or a short text. The graphical files must be under the JPEG format (*.jpeg, *.jpg) saved with low compression level and with a sufficient size (1000 pixels wide at minimum).

  6. The editor being legally co-responsible for the contents of the article, he is the only judge of the possibility or not to publish the article in Acta Succulenta. Refusal of the article or parts of it may occur without having to explain the reasons to the author.

  7. No guaranteed publishing period can be given. The publication date of the article is entirely at the editor's discretion based upon the quantity of articles available and the editorial consistency of each issue.

  8. If the author wishes, he may request for his article to be published under a pseudonym, but he must provide the Edtitor with his real identity and full address, those will be be stored without being disclosed.

Sending an article to the journal

Open the Contact page and add the article to your email, or send a CD by post to the given address.


If you are able to translate an article of Acta Succulenta into a language other than those of the journal, send us your translation; it will be uploaded online after the author agreement.

Similarly, don't hesitate to translate any texts on this Website into any other language.

[ Thanks to Al Laius for reviewing the English texts of this Website ]





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